Hi, I'm Bozena!

As a productivity consultant, I help people to cut through the task- and information overload in their work and personal life.


I'm a ceaseless problem-solver, pulling out my clients from the time-absorbing black hole into a manageable lifestyle.


But I wasn't always like this. I have started my career as a business manager, quickly learning what the 'boys club' and 'glass ceiling' terms meant. Discouraged, I turned to my creative side and became an interior designer. Years spent managing budgets and projects thought me a lesson in efficiency and time management.


However, I have quickly become burned out, physically and mentally. The lessons learned while getting myself out of this low and installing new standards for my own productivity put me on the road toward helping others do the same.


Here I am sharing my personal experiences and ideas for managing business and personal productivity, effective leadership communications, and overcoming the overwhelm.