Analysis Paralysis and the Curse of Perfectionism

Do you habitually put off doing things?

As many as 20% of all people may be chronic procrastinators.

Analysis paralysis, the common cause of a chronic procrastination, is described as the process of overanalyzing the situation. This way decision is not made or action is never taken.

The most guilty of analysis paralysis are professionals working in their own businesses. They are the most prone to experience information overload and fear of making a mistake while meeting the client’s and their own expectations to deliver the best results.

What’s the solution then?

  • limit time for research

  • give your client a heavily redacted amount of options

  • decide on a definite ‘due by’ date to make a decision

  • take action now

Giving too many options to yourself or your client leads only to spreading of the analysis paralysis, this time to your client and work colleagues.

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