How Do You Stay on Top of Things?

People always ask me: ‘How do you manage to stay always organized?’

I am a creative person so I have to be organized.

“Be well ordered in your life so you can be fierce and original in your work” said French novelist Gustave Flaubert.

Don't keep anything in your head

It only creates more stress.

Know what your commitments are and where you’r going (your goals).

Put everything down in writing to lighten up your mental load.

Automate your workflows

Use whatever systems works for your needs: modern or old school, electronic or analog. File all the information there but don’t forget to review it frequently.

Make routines to free up your creativity

Divide your day into time blocks based on your tasks and energy.

There is no multitasking, only a fast switching between tasks. It costs time to regroup and restart of what you’ve been doing.

Don’t let the busyness of your work drain you of your creative ideas. Clear your mind to be able to make better choices and allow a space to think.

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