Relax and Reboot

One of my favorite tips for staying present during the day is to take a minute at the top of every hour to relax and reboot. It will help you to loosen the tension you’ve amassed while working, which usually adds up by the end of the day and manifests itself with a back- or neck ache. This will also give you a way to check in with yourself and your tasks for the day.

Here’s how to do it:

Set the alert in your smart device (phone, tablet, or computer) to gently chime every hour on the hour.

When you hear the signal, stop the task at hand, take three deep breaths, then check your agenda to see what you should be doing within the next 60 minutes.

This will help you to avoid distraction and focus on the tasks that need to be done.

I’ve been using this method for a while now, being able to stop, relax and reboot discretely regardless of whether I’m working at the office or in the meeting.

Try it and let me know how it worked for you.

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